Develop stories and press releases to get your name buzzing, then execute a major campaign.


Using advanced analytics and traffic measurement software, we can assess the direction of your publicity and marketing.


Tap into multiple markets, publicizing alternate angles to tap into various niche markets.

  • Press and Media Collection

    We’re here to get you noticed, expose whatever it is you want us to expose.

  • Weekly Reports and Analytics

    Our media analyst will audit your brand, adding links and analytic codes to measure growth. In order for all of us to be successful, we need to be able to evaluate our impact.

  • Foreign Press Assistance & Support

    We travel, a lot. If you need us, we will be on the next flight out.

  • Secure Client Login & File Management

    We incorporated a way for our clients to connect and collect their documents. Also, campaign information, up-to-date analytic reports and trends are updated for you, so feel free to login whenever and wherever.

  • 24/7 Electronic Press Kit Updates

    We have multiple ways to pitch you to press, one of which is the universal and imperative Electronic Press Kit. As a courtesy, we update your EPK as soon as new materials come available. Also, we tweak variations to better appeal to certain niche markets.

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